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Q: To say the least, you performed on some massive stages during your career. Brandon Roy Jersey . Have you found something in your retired life to fill that adrenaline void that you got used to for so many yearsJM: I dont think its possible to fill it. Once youve played, no matter what those guys say coaching is just not the same. The only real exciting thing, that may even be tougher, is my two boys were playing college football until recently, and so you follow them a little bit, live and die with them (laughs). But after that, theres not a whole lot that compares. You wish that everybody else could experience a Sunday afternoon and then youd realize why guys try to play for so long.Q: Youve been retired for more than a few years now, is there another sport that youve really grown to love watching, that maybe you didnt get a chance to watch a whole lot during your playing days?JM: Um, (thinking). Theres way too many baseball games (laughs), I always have a hard time with it. Lets see, this year the team that will win the pennant will lose more games than I lost in my whole career. This just doesnt make sense. But Ive started to watch, believe it or not, soccer and golf.Q: So you watched a lot of the World Cup earlier this summer?JM: Ya, I did, that was a lot of fun.(2013 World Series Winning Boston Red Sox Record:Joe Montanas career record was 117-47.)Q: Favourite QB/WR tandem in NFL history, other than yourself and Rice?JM: Oh my gosh, theres way too many, um. (Thinking) Im gonna go back and say Terry Bradshaw and Lynn Swann.Q: Richard Sherman, talks a lot of trash, gets under peoples skin. If you had to pick one, which opposing defensive back over your career did you love throwing touchdowns against, a little more than everyone else?JM: No, we werent very picky, me and Jerry. But Jerry made it easy, Jerry and John. Well I wont say easy, but we didnt really focus on individuals, we hoped they had to focus on us. We didnt care whether it was Dion or Darrell Green, it didnt really matter where they were, who they were covering. We felt that our guys were as good or better on our side then them.Q: Which one of your former teammates used to talk the most trash to you during practice?JM: Well, not really in practice, but in games, when Tim Harris, when he was with Green Bay, he was the worst. Because we didnt have the little things that coaches talk to you now in your helmet, so we had to get signals from the sidelines. So youd be standing there and hed be trying everything he possibly could to distract you. And it wasnt really trash talk it was like, "Hey, hey, what are you looking over there for? No, Im talking to you, talk to me! Whered you go last night? Whatd you do? Whered you go to dinner? Did you go out after?" You know just the stupidest stuff.(photo: jcgsports)Q: And who was the guy on offense for you that always stood up for you and tried to shut up Tim Harris?JM: We didnt have a lot of guys that really talked. That was thing that Bill always said, just let your play do the talking, well let everybody else do that bit. He didnt really like to see a lot of that, so you didnt see that from our guys. On either side of the ball.Q: So, Johnny Football. Are you more disappointed "as a legendary quarterback" that he is squandering such a great opportunity to play in the best league on the planet OR are you more upset "as a man of great nicknames" (like Joe Cool and Comeback Kid) that he is squandering the opportunity.JM: Well, I think hes just finding out that its not as easy as he thought it was gonna be. And you know some people make the transition, some people were just tremendous college quarterbacks and never made it in the NFL. You can go back and look at a lot, even Heisman guys, that were around, but dont really make it. Because its not as easy at it seems, but he made it look easy in college. Its a little bit of a different game when you get up to where they are and I think hes finding that out.Q: Who was the guy for you, when you came into the league that really took you under their wing and taught you what it meant to be a pro?JM: Well actually I was lucky because my quarterback coach at the time, Sam Wyche, played in the NFL for a long period of time and really kind of steered me in the things I needed to be doing and shouldnt be doing. Along with Bill, between the two of them.(Carl Iwasaki/Sports Illustrated)Q: Do you have favourite Super Bowl halftime show?JM: Never saw one! (laughs).Have you ever gone BarDown?JM: Oh yeah! But off the top of my head it was too many years ago. Damian Lillard Jersey .com) - Eric Fehrs goal 42 seconds into overtime lifted the Washington Capitals to a 5-4 come-from-behind victory over Columbus, halting the Blue Jackets seven-game win streak. Terry Porter Jersey . He was 26. Edwards, the Supercup Championship leader, was in the passenger seat as an instructor for a private training session at Queensland Raceway at Willowbank, outside Brisbane, Porsche Motorsport said. http://www.blazersteamofficial.com/Caleb-Swanigan-Blazers-Jersey/ . In an interview with La Presse this week, the five-time Stanley Cup champion and three-time NHL scoring leader specifically took aim at wingers Thomas Vanek and Max Pacioretty, saying they cant show up in a 7-4 win over the New York Rangers in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Final and come up empty in Game 6.CHICAGO -- The Chicago Cubs and starting pitcher Jeff Samardzija have agreed to a one-year, $5,345,000 contract, avoiding arbitration. The deal announced Saturday leaves the Cubs with no remaining players in arbitration. Samardzija asked for $6.2 million andd was offered $2,765,000 after going 8-13 with a 4. Noah Vonleh Jersey. 4 ERA last year, when he made $2,765,000. The 29-year-old right-hander could be a candidate to be traded after he and the team were unable to come to terms on a long-term contract. Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Jerseys From China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys ' ' '

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