In the early spring

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In the early spring night, they were slightly cool, and they got up and gave the children a quilt. They found that the moonlight, the tender and cute little face, in the drowsiness Wholesale Cigarettes, smiled lightly, accompanied by the "giggle" soft sound, suddenly burned in my heart. Naughty, stubborn, and instantly melted on weekdays, laughing and staring out the window, moonlight is like water, night is quiet, watching a cloud of light, everything is empty in the early summer evening, go to the grocery store to buy some life spices, under the dim light A group of women, surrounded by a woman who sells flowers, is filled with a faint scent of the sun, from the lily of the float, or from the back of the woman. It is not known. With the woman's long hair, the polar nude dress, slowly, sly, fascinated in the evening wind in the early summer. A nearby car repairer didn't care. He was locking his brows, his ribs were raised, and a young man was asking for a price. Both of them were emotionally excited. The tone gradually rose higher than the other, and the women who bought the flowers turned. The face is coming, speechless, and the mouth is slightly raised. The beauty of this moment is passed by us inadvertently. It is like two completely different windows. The bitter and fragrant taste leaps to the tip of the tongue and comes with a book. Going out, one day, two days, and later, you can still read a few pages on the bedside before going to bed. There is no quiet place in the big city. Spring breeze, summer rain, autumn frost, and winter sun are the incarnations of the Buddha. It seems that only they are compassionate and kind. They know how to care for one person and make a heart comfortable. They are the palms of the time and pat on the shoulders twice. It will be enough. The early spring night was really good, the breeze, the cool, watching a few lines of small characters under the lamp, immediately fell into it, and suddenly, interrupted by the child's voice, he used the "command" tone, to recite the text, I The heart is erratic, only nodding, the heart is still in the text just now, can not get around. This is the case in the world, but it is still returning to the shell of the text, and it becomes a comfortable freedom. Like a snail, there is only dew and slow time in the eyes. You think, who is close to you, it��s all robbery, and the words don��t, they comfortably greet us, no more, and open a pair of wings, let you stay in the depths of life, free and easy. soar. So, a clear stream, lingering endlessly, rushed into the bottom of my heart. That is plain and light, it is from the heart, no need to care for him, go to the fit, it is just a mountain spring flowing from your heart, more like a person who hates to meet late, where is the general world can give ! Only the words in the corner of time, calm and not panic, belong to you Marlboro Red, will not go to the fifth grade, enter his room, doing homework, go back to the sentence: "Mom, I am very busy!" This moment, horrified, growing up The sound hits the chest. Long Yingtai has already said that the so-called mother and child, that is, he silently tells you with his back, do not have to chase the autumn morning, go to the park to run, lotus leaves in the wind, a soft autumn, sighs, Just like the aunt's warm words, it is a warm and inviting lake, always in the blank space of life, long and smart. Suddenly, my cousin came over the phone and said that it was the end, only to sigh. She is not what it is now, it is just the aunt in your memory. In an instant, my heart is like an empty valley echo, empty. In the ink of the empty valley, the traces of time are breeding in the dark valleys, and the moss marks and wrinkles are slowly coming, like a cold suggestion, the flesh finally escapes the fate of time, and does not pay attention to it. I lost it, turned around and passed by, but I didn��t know that year, went to Xixi Wetland, near noon, standing in the sun for a while, I will feel the love of winter, this lovely warm sun, think of Bai Juyi The same is true of the "winter winter, bright and cute". Turning around in the garden, there is a residual load in the pond. They are with the ancient houses of Huizhou, as well as the mottled stone carvings and moss marks, forming an echoing field. The beauty of the lost atmosphere is even worse than other times. The large blanks are hidden in the bleak, a dead pen and a rhyme, silent, sloppy, silent, slightly bitter, stunned, like a wind, like a woman in the middle of the night The spurt sounds awake, the suspect is the voice in the dream, discerning it, no, it is the quarrel of the woman in the marriage in hysteria. After a while, the voice of the man is also added, and the tide is repeated over and over again at the eardrum. Close to the noon pot and bowl, more like the birds in the valley bark, the worms contend, but lost the poetic heart. This is the scenery of the besieged city. It has been read in the novels, played, and it has been repeated thousands of times. In the world, it still cannot be released. Who would have thought that the mediocrity of the mediocrity will almost lose its luster, but it will only last long. A poetic moment in the bones, persevering through the line, actually wakes up every day, can be beautiful. In the new time, live the old days, and then go back, picking up a fresh heart. The heart is quiet, watching the spring breeze, winding around, smiling and whispering, persuading us to bow our heads, speechless and beautiful. At the hand, "Cai Gen Tan" Cloud: The human heart has a real world, and it is not a silky bamboo, but it is self-satisfied. Like a glimpse of the dust of the years, one day, the pale eyes, gentle wrinkles, is the most beautiful practice of this life. Ge Yan, Anhui Wuhu people, born a scholarly family, since childhood, he was at the provincial and municipal level. The magazine "Hundred Prose", "Anhui Literature", "Time Literature", "Future", "Selected Writers", "Young Writers", "Years", "Composition and Examination", "Reading", "Wuhu Literature"; Newspaper "China Water Conservation Water News", "Jianghuai Morning News", "Wuhu Daily", "Dajiang Evening News"; and the network "Writer Online" (organized by the Chinese Writers Association) Cigarettes Online, "Red Sleeve Tim", "Under the Banyan Tree", "and listen The popular collection, "China.com", "Starting Chinese Network", "Chinese Literature", "Chinese Literature Network", "Chinese Prose Network", "Mei Wen Wang", "Pop Network" "", "Hubei Writing Network" and other media published more than 100 literary works. Some works were selected in the 2015 "The 2nd Chinese and Foreign Poetry Prose Invitational" (Volume 2) Cigarettes For Sale, the collection of essays published by the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and the "Wuhu Writer's Prose Selection" and "The Fanchang Culture Series" (literary volume), etc., and were featured in the professional literature magazine. Selected as a good essay and high school writing material grandfather Ge Zhaojun graduated from Shanghai Hosei University, was one of the five judges who tried the case of the "Nanjing Massacre" culprit Gu Shoufu; the first discoverer of Anhui Fanchang Ke Chong Kiln, CCTV The Discovery? Discovery column has detailed records in the topic of "Qingyun Lake's Green and White Porcelain"; the famous calligrapher of the Republic of China has been exhibited with Mr. Guo Moruo, Shen Yinmo, Yu Youren, Zhang Daqian, Qi Baishi, Ma Gongyu and Xu Beihong. Mr. Ge Wende is a member of the Chinese Calligraphers Association, a national senior artist, a full-time calligraphy engraver of the Anhui Wuhu Calligraphy and Painting Institute, a council member of the Anhui Province Engraving Research Association, an honorary chairman of the Wuhu Calligraphers Association, and a famous calligraphy engraver in Anhui. He is good at calligraphy and engraving. Jingcao, a self-contained, published in 2001, "Ge Zhaoxuan Wende Qiaoqi calligraphy engraving set", Anhui TV station has repeatedly interviewed for his art, his works have been collected by many domestic and foreign collections Carton Of Cigarettes, temples and monuments.

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